What to So If You’re Injured In An Uber Accident

If Facebook was the success story of the early 2000s, then Uber is the runaway success of the current decade. The ridesharing company went from being a small San Francisco startup, to become one of the biggest tech companies in the world. 

With over 15 million Uber rides being recorded every day in 500 cities, chances are that you have (or likely will) used Uber to commute. And let’s face it, despite the company assuring us that their cars are safe, Uber accidents are unavoidable, and can happen anywhere. It is therefore important to know what steps to take when injured in an Uber accident

What Should You Do When Caught Up in An Uber Accident?

  1. Seek Medical Assistance 

The first action to take in any accident involving vehicles is to look for any injured persons, and immediately call for an ambulance. 

Notably, one can be injured even when they’re not bleeding, and it is important to get scanned for internal injuries. You may also want to have a detailed documentation of your injuries to help you seek compensation. 

  1. Call The Police 

Police typically clear the debris from the road, and provide reports, which are essential in personal injury lawsuits. 

  1. Collect Evidence

If you’re able, capture photos and video evidence of the accident scene, as well as your injuries. Additionally, listen to the driver’s and eye witnesses’ recollections, and don’t forget to take their contact details. All this will help you seek compensation from the company and their insurer.

Consult an Experienced Uber Accident Attorney

After doing all the above, look for an attorney who specializes in Uber accidents to help you file a personal injury suit. This is essential due to the legal grey areas that exist in the ridesharing industry. 

For instance, Uber have, by law, liability insurance for all their vehicles. Similarly, Uber drivers have their own policies, depending on their states.However, when an accident occurs, Uber’s insurer may be reluctant to pay until the driver’s insurance does. And even then, the driver’s auto insurer may also refuse to pay passenger claims if their policy didn’t cover commercial activities.

Different Accident Scenarios and How They Play Out 

Uber accidents can happen in 2 ways: 

  • Uber Driver Was At Fault 

California law, where Uber is headquartered, requires that ridesharing companies have a $1 million insurance cover to compensate victims of accidents and property damage caused by their contracted drivers. However, the decision to either sue Uber or the driver totally depends on the police accident report. 

  • Uber Driver Was Not At Fault

If the prevailing evidence points to the driver of the other vehicle (or any other party) as having caused the accident, you can file a claim against them personally. In most cases, you will be compensated by their insurance company, but you may not be as lucky if they don’t have a policy. 

What Damages Can You Seek For in Your Legal Suit?

  • Physical and emotional pain from the accident
  • Lost wages due to impairment
  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of future income

Have you been involved in an Uber or Lyft accident in San Marino, El Monte, or in Los Angeles County, call our law office today. Let us get you the compensation you deserve!

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